The wellbeing of students is an essential part of educating the whole child. From Kindergarten through to Year 12 OFGS creates a positive, welcoming environment. Each student is encouraged to learn and grow individually while remaining a part of the OFGS school community.

Our wellbeing programs are integral in achieving our School Vision: ‘To develop in each child their unique qualities, equipping them to enjoy a successful Christ-centred life’.  Our collaborative approach between Teachers, Senior School Year Advisors and Junior School Heads of Stages provides guidance and support to students as they develop a strong sense of self-worth and identity. The teams focus on promoting positive learning and study practices, fostering healthy relationships and encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour.


Junior School

We have adopted a twofold approach:

  1. Preventative Action includes anti-bullying education, class devotions and prayer, teacher modelling, and external programs such as ‘Stop, Think, Do’, ‘Seasons for Growth’, and ‘Bounce Back’.
  2. Corrective and Supportive Action includes the services of School Counsellors who assist with the social and emotional development of the child and provide support and quality counselling to the students in need and their families.


Senior School

Each day our Senior School students attend a Wellbeing Period where they are placed in year based single gender house groups.  Each group is allocated a mentor teacher who will move with them through to Year 12.  This enables the mentor teacher to develop a good understanding of each child and track their academic progress and wellbeing throughout Senior School. The OFGS Wellbeing Program incorporates eight specific themes throughout the year, these include:

Study Skills, Resilience and Grit, Relationship Building, Service to Others, General Self Efficacy, Gratitude and Strengths Knowledge and Use.
We believe this program will develop opportunities for our students to grow from a strengths base platform and will help them to take responsibility for their learning and engagement both in and outside the classroom.

Christianity in Action

Oxford Falls Grammar School is a Christian school. Through active involvement in a caring and dynamic Christian Faith community, genuine individual experiences are accumulated as students see Christianity ‘lived in practice’ by their peers and teachers.

Under the guidance of our School Community Chaplain, Christian Studies Teacher and Youth Chaplains, students develop into self-aware, respectful, and mindful adults. Our contemporary Christian study program teaches students in an engaging, meaningful and relevant way about God and His love for them. We believe each child should feel valuable and loved, with a sense of purpose and identity.

The Youth Chaplains are involved in the delivery of the Chapel program, facilitate Christian courses, connect groups and organise prayer meetings.  These ensure our students enjoy a meaningful and positive lifestyle of the Christian faith.

Our Christian ethos is demonstrated through the OFGS Outreach Program.  It is a K-12 philanthropic initiative that seeks to raise money for less fortunate children and communities across Australia and Asia.  In Year 10 and 11, students have the opportunity to participate in an annual overseas mission trip.  OFGS fosters a strong culture of generosity.  We believe it is important to encourage students to think beyond themselves and to help others around them.