Kindy Parents, 2013

To the Head of Junior School, 

I wanted to write a note to express my most heartfelt appreciation at what has been a fabulous start for our children. We began Kindergarten at OFGS in the unusual position of changing schools, repeating and having one child who needs extra help.

From my first meeting with their teachers I felt at ease with their dedication, concern and care being of utmost importance. Within a week we could see a great change in our children. We had gone from one child who cried nearly every day on the way to school and another who had developed great anxiety as a result of his needs not being met, to children now who love coming to school and have been rewarded for their efforts and talked nonstop about their days. They spoke highly of using instruments in music lessons, librarians who told them their bags were magic mats that could fly and how they could borrow more than one book each week. They couldn’t believe they could play on the adventure playground before school and at lunch. 

Our anxious child was already starting to believe they were again capable of achieving … He had the wonderment of a five-year-old back in his eyes. The other child, who didn’t want to return to school last year, said one morning, “Mummy, can I go to this school for as long as we have to go to school?”

Our children are now experiencing their class as enthusiastic, positive little men who want to learn, want to please and most importantly want to come each day. The staff are brilliant and I can’t thank them highly enough for the start and renewed outlook they have given our children on their journey and in turn the happiness it is bringing their parents.

Year 10 Parent, 2013

To the Performing Arts Department

I just wanted to thank you for recognising [our daughter’s] talent and passion for singing, and for providing her with such wonderful performance opportunities.

She thoroughly enjoyed her performance with the Rock and Pop Band…and at the Vocal Workshop ...We received countless calls and texts from friends and fellow parents about how wonderful this was.   [Our daughter] absolutely loves performing and told me just this week that the School stage feels like home to her now. This, I believe, is a real credit to your encouragement and validation.  

Having been at OFGS since [our daughter] started in Kindy, we are loyal advocates for the fact that the School really does deliver on their commitment to recognise individual talents and passions, providing opportunities to enhance and develop them.  We feel OFGS has been the most wonderful investment we could have made.  

Year 12 Parent, 2013

To the Headmaster, 

I am writing to say a deeply heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you and your wonderful staff. The Graduation Thanksgiving Service at the end of term 3 was a wonderful celebration of the 2013 Year 12 students and their incredible teachers. It was exhilarating, poignant, challenging and enriching: I am sure every student came away with a sense of being valued and inspired to live their lives richly and with purpose. There have been so many amazing teachers during these last six years… teaching, guiding and inspiring with love and dedication.

Our daughter began her journey at Oxford Falls Grammar School in Year 7. In her six years at the school, [we] have watched her become a remarkable young woman, developing her creative talents, becoming more self-assured and growing in faith. She has established strong, supportive friendships and genuine respect for her teachers, peers and her family.

I have heard you speak passionately of the vision you had for Oxford Falls Grammar School…You have brought that vision to fruition and in so doing blessed the lives of many young people and their families, ours amongst them. ..[Our daughter] said it was the best decision I have ever made – so she has very much appreciated her time at Oxford Falls Grammar School.