Through our sporting programs, students experience the many benefits of physical exercise. These include:

  • Complementing the competitive nature of sport with the invaluable qualities of good sportsmanship and functional teamwork
  • Educating children how to best care for their bodies: ie. nutrition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • Providing opportunities to engage in physical sporting activities up to the highest level of their ability
  • Inspiring children to enjoy and appreciate God’s excellent creation: both the great outdoors and the people we share it with

Relationships are nurtured as children engage in vibrant and challenging outdoor activities from team sports and carnivals, to sporting teams and outdoor education experiences.

Junior School

We provide a wide range of sporting activities for our
K–6 students.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) forms part of the curriculum to boost lifestyle awareness in addition to in-class discussions about nutrition and health. Lessons are focused on developing solid fundamental motor skills, which can then be applied to a all kinds of sporting activities.

A highlight in our  Kindy to Year 2 calendar is the K–2 Athletics Carnival, where parents and students are introduced to School sporting life. In addition to our Kindy to Year 6 Cross Country Carnival, children in Years 3–6 enjoy annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. We are strong performers in the CSSA (Christian School Sports Association) competitions, with many of our students representing the School in the CIS (Combined Independent Schools) carnivals and then in the statewide PSSA (Primary Schools Sport Association) competitions.

We offer opportunities in competitive team sports such as soccer, rugby union, rugby league, AFL, tennis, softball, netball, cricket, T-ball and basketball.

PISA Sport (interschool competitions):

PISA competitions include: junior boys and girls T-ball; senior girls softball; senior boys cricket; boys and girls soccer; girls netball; boys rugby league (mod-league); mixed AFL.

Other Sporting Competitions:

  • Paul Kelly Cup (AFL) – state wide competition
  • CSSA State Metro Cup Gala Day – boys soccer and girls netball
  • Peninsula Cup boys rugby union team (under 12s)
  • Boys and girls basketball

Our swimming program in Term 4 caters for students from Kindy to Year 4. Students receive swimming lessons and learn water safety, building confidence, ability and water safety awareness as they prepare for their summer holidays.

Senior School

    In the Senior School a range of sports is offered to continue to build on the healthy and active lifestyles established in the Junior School.

    PDHPE continues in the curriculum in Years 7 to 10 as a mandatory subject. Physical Activities & Sport Science (PASS) is offered as a subject choice in Years 9 and 10 and PDHPE is offered at HSC level.

    Students participate in athletics, swimming and cross country carnivals, with many reaching high levels of achievement in the interschool competitions – from zone, to state and even national levels.

    The School is a member of Combined Independent Schools (CIS) which allows a highly competitive pathway for individuals in a large array of sports.

    Recreational sports include surfing, skateboarding, fitness, rock climbing and dance and are offered seasonally throughout the year.

    There is also a vast array of competitive sports available for those students wishing to represent the School. These include: Peninsula Cup (after school competitions); girls netball; girls football (soccer); boys football (soccer); boys rugby union; Warringah Basketball Association (after school competitions); girls basketball; boys basketball Gala Days; boys football (soccer); girls football (soccer); girls netball; boys rugby; tennis; golf; triathlon; gymnastics; cheerleading; girls touch football; boys touch football; girls basketball; boys basketball.