Senior School

Senior School is a vibrant place of learning, a place for training and developing students in our care.

The role of Senior School in a young person’s education extends far beyond the classroom, although performance in this area is a primary aspect of their schooling. We recognise that it is crucial to encourage students in more than academic pursuits so they mature as well-balanced, interesting adults.

We encourage our students to:

  • set personal goals and work steadily to achieve them
  • develop a positive attitude to school, work and life
  • take advantage of every opportunity that is offered
  • and to broaden intellectual abilities by attempting new, different and stretching challenges

Our teachers seek to empower students by developing their talents and skills and encouraging sustained effort to achieve an outcome that optimises their individual potential.

Within the context of firm Christian values, built on a foundation of faith, students from Oxford Falls Grammar School will finish school as competent young adults, willing to assume active roles in their local communities and the wider society.

Single-sex Classes

'The best of both worlds'

There has been extensive research regarding the benefits and limitations of both co-ed and 
single-sex education.

As a co-ed school, we believe boys and girls benefit socially and academically from the real world learning experience of a mixed peer environment. Students have been provided with an invaluable opportunity to understand and appreciate the perspectives both boys and girls bring to school. 

However, research has shown that it is also important to consider the learning styles of both boys and girls.This initiative enables students to have ‘the best of both worlds’ – effective learning in a single-sex environment for half of their subjects and interaction between genders in the remainder of their classes. During recess and lunch students can also enjoy the campus facilities in a mixed gender setting.

Consequently, at OFGS in Years 7 and 8, classes are largely single-sex while from Years 9 to 12 there is a greater emphasis on co-educational learning to encourage a diversity of opinions and rich discussion in the classroom in the latter years of schooling.

A Focus on Literacy and Numeracy
At OFGS, the development of students’ literacy and numeracy are an important component of the curriculum. In Years 7 to 10 English and Mathematics classes are streamed to provide enrichment and remedial support where appropriate. Our Learning Support Department also runs targeted programs such as Multilit and Literacy Support for individuals with specific literacy learning needs.

Course Offerings
A diverse range of elective courses are offered in Years 9-12 to capture the interests of our student population. Please click here for our curriculum structure.