Senior School

The Senior School years at OFGS focus on developing young men and women of outstanding character with passionate spirits and grateful hearts.  Our educational strategies focus on the individual student, fostering critical thinking, curiosity and a love of learning.  Each student's learning experience is rich, challenging and promotes their intellectual, personal and spiritual growth.

Single sex Classes

'The best of both worlds'

As a co-educational school, we understand boys and girls learning styles differ.  Therefore, selected senior year subjects are separated into single sex classes. The remainder are co-educational.  This initiative promotes effective learning in a single sex environment and still allows the mixed interaction and perspectives of co-education. 

Contemporary learning for the
21st Century

Innovative, inquiry led teaching is introduced through the STEM initiative.  STEM integrates the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, preparing our students for the challenges of the future.

Teacher quality is hugely influential on your child's educational success.  OFGS' Quality Teaching Program drives innovative, professional development for every teacher in a collaborative, supportive environment.  This is an exciting initiative with a direct impact on positive student engagement and learning.

In the Senior School students are placed into mentor groups under the care of Year Advisors and Mentors.  They are responsible for the academic progress and wellbeing of their students. 

Our Gifted & Talented Program continues through Senior School and offers students the opportunity
to optimise their abilities through a variety of enrichment classes and activities.  Our specialist Learning Support teachers are on hand to support students requiring additional assistance and organisation as they move through Senior School.

Course Offerings

A diverse range of elective courses are offered in Years 7-12 to capture the interests of our students. Please click here for our curriculum structure.