Applications for 2018 Scholarships are now closed.  Applications for 2019 Scholarships will open in September 2017.

Please CLICK HERE to download our scholarship information brochure.

Oxford Falls Grammar School focuses on strong academic outcomes through quality, caring and nurturing teachers. We consistently perform strongly in all national testing, culminating in the Higher School Certificate (HSC). For more information on academic performance, please see our latest Annual School Report.

In the 2016 HSC, 38% of students were named 'Distinguished Achievers' for results of 90 or more in at least one course. Our HSC graduates achieved outstanding results, with a top ATAR score of 98.1

Administered by the School’s Executive, a number of Scholarships are awarded each year to individuals who demonstrate exceptional academic merit and potential for high achievement in their appropriate stage.

The privately funded scholarships, awarded on an annual basis, afford guaranteed entry into Year 7 at Oxford Falls Grammar School. Scholarships for 2018 are open to all students entering Year 7.

Online Applications

Applications for Academic Scholarships for 2018 opened on 6 September 2016 and close at midnight on 6 February 2017. The Cooperative Scholarship test is on Saturday 25 February 2017.  Please click here to go to the ACER website for the application form and further information.

Terms of Academic Scholarships

The examination is compiled by ACER (Australian Council for Education Research). Students will qualify for an Academic Scholarship if their result is in the top 10% of the ACER tests, as shown on the Individual Report provided by ACER.

The scholarships may be awarded to the student with the highest overall score or to one with the highest score in a particular subject. This enables us to recognise outstanding all-round or specialised performances.

Only in exceptional circumstances will applicants with results below the top 10% be considered for a scholarship. The exam will be conducted by the School under instructions from ACER.

Should a student be awarded a scholarship, the academic standard achieved in the ACER exam needs to be maintained throughout the term of the scholarship. That is, their academic achievement at the end of each year should place the student in the top 5% of their classes.

In the area of personal conduct, any scholarship winner is to set an example to the School community through their conduct. It is important that attitude, diligence, attendance, participation and support for the School’s Christian ethos are maintained at an exemplary level.

Should any one or more of these areas come under question the scholarship could be placed at risk. Scholarship holders are provided with a mentor so that if problems arise in either the academic or conduct areas our first objective would be to work together with the student and parents to address and rectify any concerns. Please note further details of our terms and conditions will be provided when scholarships are offered.

Please note that if your son or daughter is awarded an academic scholarship, we will require a refundable bond of $3,400 prior to their enrolment at Oxford Falls Grammar School.

If you have any questions please call the ACER Scholarship parent helpline on 1300 768 952.