Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program aims to increase students’ self-awareness, expand their home/school world view and develop ways of relating with others in a non-classroom setting.

In the Junior School, students join the Outdoor Education program from Year 3 by attending camps. The 'great outdoors' provide a unique opportunity for students to explore a personal relationship with God as Creator in a fun, active, safe and health-promoting way.

Our Outdoor Education program continues into Senior School enabling students from Years 7 to 12 to attend yearly camps where they learn about and challenge themselves through a wide variety of activities.  The camps are designed to develop social, practical and interpersonal skills not easily gained through classroom activities. They involve experiences which extend personal boundaries and confidence while equipping them with strategies to deal with the pressures of living in a contemporary society. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a three-day ski trip each year.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is about personal challenge and encourages each participant to set personal goals and pursue the achievement of them. The Award provides opportunities for our Senior School students to grow and connect with others whilst discovering new experiences.

There are four components: Volunteering, Physical Education, Skill and Adventurous Journey. These components offer a range of activities in which personal goals can be achieved with the flexibility of focusing on the interests and abilities of each student.

The three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, enable our students to extend their abilities and strive for greater challenges.