History Vietnam Cambodia Tour 2017

The inaugural History tour has been a great learning experience for all. Please read below a day's extract from 2018 School Captain Luciana Lopez:
"In the morning six of us went to Angkor Wat at 5am in the dark. We hopped into two tuk tuks and bounced our way along the Cambodian roads. As we drew closer to Angkor Wat we realised we were not the only ones going to see the temple as tuk tuks holding many excited tourists began to clog the roads. Once in Angkor Wat we rushed through the flooded ground soaking our shoes and made our way to a smaller temple to get a good look at the sunrise. While waiting the sky began to brighten and we soon realised that in the water we had walked through, were 30cm long worms and terrifyingly large bugs. We waited and took beautiful shots of the temple; however, due to the clouds the sunrise was hidden. Then we travelled back to our hotels in the tuk tuk. The others had breakfast and we all arrived in the lobby of the hotel at 8am. We then divided into two groups those who went to Angkor Thom and the others went to the Markets. After we all came back from our various activities we all jumped in tuk tuks and travelled to the old markets. The markets were vast, consisting of many different stalls filled with colourful clothes and souvenirs. For one hour we wandered through the bustling markets buying items for both ourselves and presents for those at home. After our time was up we settled in a cafe where we showed off our purchases while sipping on cool drinks. Angkor Thom, the Temple of Faces, was explored by Mr Wykes, Daniel, Alyssia, Collins and Jasper. We entered the gates of Angkor Thom, and we were suddenly surrounded by colourful markets, beeping Tuk Tuks and (to everyone's extreme surprise) elephants!!!!!! They towered above us, the elegant beasts, and we had never felt so small, enclosed high stone walls. It was so incredible seeing them so close, walking so calmly (it made Alyssia shed a wee tear). The temple itself was unexpectedly breathtaking.  Each four-faced stone Buddha was more lifelike and more real than the last - despite being 'sleeping' for so many years. Jasper spotted the first monkey, he squealed "monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey" at the top of his lungs and we all absolutely lost it. But our joy was short lived, as about 50 monkeys appeared out of nowhere and began to gallop on all fours over the stone windows and pillars surrounding us. After circum-navigating the outer walls, we ventured deeper into the temple. After taking thousands of photos (including the boys' new rap album cover) and walking open mouthed at the pure brilliance of ancient Angkorian architecture, which proved to leave us with heavy beating hearts once again, we made our way to the markets to meet up with the rest of the group."