Learning Centres

Our primary focus is to provide quality education for each individual student – an education that encompasses more than academics; one that includes developing the whole child.

We are proud of the high calibre and experience of our teaching staff. Each teacher brings personal and professional qualities into the classroom, upheld by an active Christian faith and the passion to see each student achieve beyond their expectations.

For academic results, Please see our Annual School Report.

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The Quality Teaching Program

Quality teaching is about ensuring that all that occurs under the direction of the teacher in the classroom produces excellent learning outcomes for students. Professor John Hattie from Auckland University is highly regarded in the field of quality teaching and has conducted extensive research on the various influences on students’ learning.  According to Hattie’s (2003) research, apart from the natural ability of students themselves, by far the biggest single variable that makes an impact on students’ learning is the quality of their individual teachers. Whole school factors such as class sizes or state-of-the art buildings are nowhere near as significant as teachers. So, as Hattie says, “We need to ensure that this greatest influence is optimised to have powerful and sensationally positive effects on the learner.”

Dr Sue Marks, the Director of Teaching and Learning has implemented the Quality Teaching Program in our School. The Program aims to develop a professional learning community where teachers are encouraged to reflect on and develop their teaching knowledge and practice for improved student outcomes. This is an exciting initiative that has a direct impact on the job satisfaction of teachers and on students’ engagement and learning outcomes.

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