Gifted & Talented

All children have different learning styles that require unique approaches. Gifted children benefit from a learning environment that encourages creativity, higher-level thinking, individual expression as well as interaction with other students of similar capabilities and interests.

Our Gifted and Talented program offers students from Kindergarten through to Year 12 the opportunity to develop their talents through a diverse range of enrichment and extension classes and activities. Our holistic approach to each child means that whilst we aim to tailor their learning experience according to their academic requirements, we work closely to assist them develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We aim to maximise a gifted student’s learning experience throughout their entire education.

With our Head of Gifted and Talented K–12, and our team of experienced and qualified Gifted and Talented teachers, gifted students enjoy consistency and continuity in learning throughout their school life. We work together with parents and families to enrich a child’s educational experience. Parents are encouraged and welcome to discuss any issues relating to their child’s learning requirements with our Gifted and Talented team of teachers.  

Junior School

In the Junior School, a range of extension groups are offered to meet the needs of students who have been identified as gifted or academically able.

For students in Kindy to Year 2, withdrawal groups are conducted whereby selected students participate in one or more weekly extension programs during class time for Science, Writing, Mathematics and Creative and Critical Thinking. This enables students to work with ‘like minds’ at a level well above the core curriculum.

For students in Years 3–6, the withdrawal group provision covers exceptional writing skills. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in competitions such as the Maths Olympiad, Primary Maths Challenge, da Vinci Decathlon and Tournament of Minds, thereby broadening their experiences.

E3 Gifted & Talented Workshops

The E3 Workshops are an initiative for academically able preschool children, designed to encourage a child’s passion for learning and to give them the opportunity to socialise with other like-minded students. The 2018 E3 Gifted & Talented Workshop will be held on Tuesday 12 June for children in Preschool.

Information and application forms are attached. Please email our Head of Gifted and Talented, Mrs Roslynne Todd for further information.

Stage 2 Extension Class

We have introduced a Stage 2 Extension (Years 3 and 4) class. This class is facilitated by a fully trained specialist teacher and the program lays strong foundations for our Stage 3 extension class.

We welcome students from outside the School to apply for a place in our Extension program. Interested candidates wishing to apply are encouraged to contact our Head of Gifted and Talented K–12 by emailing us at Please note that applicants will need to supply supporting documentation, including a psychometric assessment from an educational psychologist. 

The number of places offered will be subject to availability for enrolment for that year.

Please contact The Registrar for any enrolment enquiries.

Stage 3 Extension Class

Gifted and the most academically able students in Years 5 and 6 make up our Stage 3 Extension classes. Students progress through a compacted core curriculum to enable them to participate in a differentiated and rigorous program facilitated by a trained Gifted and Talented specialist teacher.

Students in our Extension classes enjoy the benefits of socialisation with their age cohort during recess and lunch breaks and other curriculum-based events, such as Sport, excursions and year group camps. Please see our enrolments page if you would like to apply for these classes, academic testing is required.

Senior School

Continuing the provision for our more academically able, students are streamed in English and Mathematics throughout their secondary years. In Science, students are placed in a high-ability group from Year 9 onwards.

In the core classes (History, Geography, PDHPE, Christian Studies, Rotation Science for Years 7 and 8) streaming is weighted towards Literacy and Humanities. The most able students attend segregated classes which then form the top academic class in Years 9 and 10.

Gifted students in Years 7–10 participate in a small withdrawal group program in the subject of English. These classes meet on a fortnightly basis to work with like minds to develop their creative and critical thinking skills.

In addition to the School curriculum, students are provided with and encouraged to participate in numerous opportunities to develop and hone their gifts and strengths both within the School and externally. These encompass diverse areas such as the Maths Challenge, Maths Olympiad, Informatics Competition and Olympiad, The da Vinci Decathlon, The Great Engineering Challenge, Science Olympiads, Tournament of Minds, Writing Competitions, and the Model United Nations Debating and Public Speaking Programs.

Students with high capability have an opportunity to accelerate in a subject in consultation with both the Director of Curriculum and the Head of Gifted and Talented. A personalised program of study is organised which may include study through external providers (online or correspondence) and university programs.

Students are able to access the many extra-curricular programs including Music, Dance, Drama and Sport to ensure their education is well-rounded.

Enrichment Programs

Chess Club

The Oxford Falls Grammar School Chess Club participates in Inter-School Chess Team tournaments, where our achievements have been outstanding in the Manly Warringah area.

The Club is open to both Junior and Senior School students. Playing each week against each other not only develops their skills and strategies, but also encourages and fosters relationships amongst peers of differing age groups.


Debating develops exceptional skills in individuals. The aim of our debating program is to encourage students in self-confidence and self-expression through public speaking and teamwork.

The debating program invites students to participate in debating tuition from Year 5. In after-school classes students are tutored and trained in preparation for the debating tournaments which commence in Year 6. Students participate in interschool rounds under the banner of the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA). Through this program, students grow in confidence, learn how to ‘think on their feet’, become proficient in critical thinking abilities and develop teamwork and leadership skills.

Our Senior School students are able to utilise their public speaking, analysis and communication skills in the Model United Nations Debating and Public Speaking Programs and have set standards of excellence in finals.


The rare opportunity exists for students to learn Latin before school. Currently an elective subject in Year 6 and Year 7, Latin offers the intriguing discovery of English word derivatives, a deeper understanding of English grammar, skills in logical thinking as well as the colourful and fascinating history of the Ancient Romans.