The OFGS Community

Our School began like a family, with just a few staff and 24 students. This family-like community has remained an enormous part of our School’s culture and success.

Our community is made of parents, families, students, teachers, staff and members of the local area. We are very grateful to the many people in our School community who are actively involved in the life of our School. There are those who help out with reading with their child’s class, or count money on banking day, or attend sports carnivals. Many assist in the canteen, participate in working bees, visit school assemblies and organise outings with other parents to foster relationships. They volunteer to work in the library, coach teams, or be reader-writers for students with learning difficulties.

They also come to enjoy special events such as Grandparents’ Day, Mothers’ Day stalls and Fathers’ Day breakfasts, or they simply have a chat with other parents and friends during drop-off and pick-up times, sometimes staying back to enjoy a cup of coffee on our beautiful deck overlooking the creek!

All of these activities are encouraged and facilitated by our School as we believe that our community is integral in contributing to a positive learning environment for all students.

Parents & Community

Parents & Community (P&C) has always sought to reflect the Christian values of hospitality, generosity, love, care, friendship and help. Our purpose is to create an environment within our School where all families are welcomed, accepted, supported and have the opportunity to be involved.

We encourage and facilitate the many social activities on our School's calendar, as well as operate the School Canteen. We run Cafe 6 (an informal social gathering for parents) on assembly days, coordinate Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day events, dance nights, Skate & Scoot nights and various picnics, morning teas and evenings that promote and maintain the invaluable unity that is part of our School’s heritage.

All new and current families are part of our P&C and we welcome any new members to our Committee. We trust that if you choose our School for your child that you too will feel welcomed, supported and encouraged to be a part of our School community.

The OFGS Foundation

The core vision of our School is to equip our young people for a successful life.

The OFGS Foundation exists to support this vision, which is evident in our mission statement – Equipping our community to participate in and enjoy a culture of generosity.

To become a whole person of good character we recognise that one needs to develop a spirit of generosity – to find and give generously to something bigger than ourselves. We aim to join with the School to equip each student with a spirit of generosity as part of their character so that when they leave our care they will be contributors to society not just consumers. We believe that this can only be taught by example.

Families at Oxford Falls Grammar School are encouraged to continue making tax-deductible donations to the Foundation via voluntary donations attached to tuition fee invoices. Every dollar goes to helping our School provide the facilities that our students enjoy, while ensuring our fees remain as inclusive as possible. In addition to this, families in our School community give finances, time and/or other assistance as able, demonstrating generosity and contributing to the future of our student body. 

How Can You Help?

To contribute financially, you may:

  • Choose to give a regular tax-deductible donation via tuition fee invoices
  • Donate a cash amount as you are able
  • Attend and participate generously in annual fundraising functions such as the OFGS Foundation Dinner
  • Commit to a pledge for a period of one year
  • Consider a future gift in your will as a bequest to the school

You can make a donation via our online payment facility or by printing and completing the Pledge Card and returning it to Oxford Falls Grammar School, 1078 Oxford Falls Road, Oxford Falls NSW 2100. Alternatively, please email

C3 Church and OFGS

Over the years, the School has enjoyed a close relationship with the founding members of the School. Dr Phil Pringle and his wife, Ps Christine Pringle (Senior Ministers of C3 Church), together with the C3 Church community have supported the School through continuous prayer, vision and funding. It is through C3’s generosity and diligence that the School was first established as a ministry to the broader community. As a School we are thankful for their ongoing support.

OFGS Alumni Association

The OFGS Alumni Association aims to further the School’s vision by 'contributing to and enjoying lifelong connections'.

We encourage a continuance of relationships, ideas and connection between past and current students.

Throughout the year we keep in contact with past students by sending them updates on what is happening in the School as well as holding various events such as reunions and informal get-togethers.

All graduating Year 12 students are automatically included as members of their Graduating Class. Students who studied at Oxford Falls Grammar School for a portion of their education are also automatically included in the Graduating Class of the Year 12 group with whom they would have naturally completed their HSC – they are called Heritage Members.

For more information on the OFGS Alumni Association email