Roslynne Todd - Head of Gifted and Talented

Mrs Roslynne Todd was appointed as Head of Gifted and Talented in 2007 and has had over 21 years’ experience with gifted children. Initially working with students who struggled with the curriculum and teaching adult basic education in the TAFE system, Roslynne was offered a position to teach a gifted class in an established Gifted and Talented Unit on Sydney’s North Shore. To Roslynne, this was an opportunity to reach out to another specialised group of students with specific needs in their learning and their social and emotional development. In order to proficiently work with and meet the needs of this unique and extraordinarily talented group of students, Roslynne completed a Certificate of Gifted Education UNSW. It soon became clear that Gifted students had needs that were often unmet. Over the past 21 years, Roslynne has worked hard to shift attitudes and create a greater understanding towards the needs of the gifted child. Today, under the direction and guidance of Roslynne, Oxford Falls Grammar School is in a strong position to provide for our gifted students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Through a number of programs and initiatives, the School assists gifted students to progress at a relevant pace and at challenging levels, and to know and understand themselves.


“My role is highly rewarding in assisting students to cross the bridge and reach new horizons.”  Mrs Roslynne Todd

Click here for more information on the Gifted and Talented program at Oxford Falls Grammar School or email our Registrar regarding enrolment opportunities for Gifted children.